Custom Booth Specs

As a sponsor, you have the option of setting up your booth in a few different ways. You are welcome to bring or ship your own pop up/pull up display and banners and couple those up with furniture rental from our Online Store.

However, if you are looking to avoid the hassles of paying hefty shipping costs, having to deal with the stresses of your displays not show up or ensuring that your display will indeed fit into the frame that makes up your 10×10 booth space, Executive Platforms offers you a bespoke alternative. It is up to your discretion to take advantage of. You have the option of purchasing the Custom Booth Wall Graphics Package and picking your choice of how many of the panels you would like customized. Once ordered, you just have to send us the art work per the dimensions provided below, order any furniture you may require and then just show up! No set up, tear down or shipping required!

Please see below for panel specifications and remember to read the important tips and notes under the image.


Please submit art work for EACH panel as a stand alone, separate PDF File. Even if the final image is meant to be one big spread across the entire back wall, it will be made of 3 Panels (6 Panels in case of a 20ft x 10ft Booth) joined together.
  • We also ask that you send a mock up of what the final display must look like. This helps ensure the panels are placed in the correct order.
  • Custom graphics for your display can be designed to form one big final image comprising the 3 back panels.
  • You can also design each panel to have its own separate image/message.
  • High resolution, true-to-print-size art work must be sent via email OR uploaded to a cloud storage website like DropBox or GoogleDrive directly to your Event Manager
  • Please ensure there are NO crop marks or bleeds on the PDF files submitted for print and they are at least 200 dpi or higher


  • Please ensure you do not have any crucial text or images on the extreme edges of each panel. Since these panels slide into metal beams (1″ width) to form the booth walls, the beams cover approximately 1/2″ on either side of the panel.